Olivier Holloway


Tall and lanky, clothed in leather and rough dark fabrics, Olivier’s exterior gives few clues to his noble blood. His body and face carry scars from years on the battlefield, he strikes an imposing figure, and while only the dagger on his belt are visible, he gives the impression of a man you would not exchange blows with.


Olivier’s often laments his birth, and the demands made of him as a noble, he much prefers campfires and bawdy houses to the strict codes of the nobility, and would much rather end up in a tavern brawl than go to war for some ‘noble cause’ or dispute over territory.

He grew up sneaking out whenever he could, and learned to handle his own in taverns and back alleys, and while he received his formal training, he never cared much for it.

His only piece of property, The Seabitch, was gifted to him by his uncle after successfully defeating foreign raiders on the southern coast. The ship has a fearsome reputation, completely undeserved if you ask Olivier, but his family could not tolerate the rumors to do more damage to the family name than they already had, and banned him from the sea in peacetime.

In his official records his exploits mention defeating a feared privateering captain from the Krakhen empire, and sailing through the kingdom offering his services to nobles in need of mercenaries during the peasant revolts.

Olivier Holloway

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