Sigurd the bastard-knight


With a huge breastplate, and a greater sword, Sigurd strikes an imposing figure against anyone who would stand up against house Solheim.


A lowborn thrust into the high politics of the realm, as an infant he was declared a bastard and used as an excuse to topple the sitting lord of Solheim. Although the rebellion was crushed, Sigurd was allowed to live, the official excuse Lord Torfjell Solheim gave was that the boy and his family should not suffer for other men’s plots. But even past his death the rumors persisted, and it was said that it may have been on account of the lord’s affection to the mother that they boy lived.

Sigurd grew up in the castle, close to the nobility and was spotted early for his proficiency with a blade and groomed to be master of arms. He seemed to settle in his role, but in a period of peace Sigurd decided to leave the castle and the rumors for a while and travel the world.

Unfortunately it did not help the rumors at all when he returned with a young foreign lad from the east. No-one knew the story, and Sigurd wouldn’t tell, and instead of engaging in gossip threw himself back into his duties at the castle soon becoming the master of arms and a sworn knight to the Solheim household.

Sigurd the bastard-knight

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